Stage 6x4m, H: 60cm, stairs W: 1m, textílie 6m, wheels set


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Stage 6x4m, H: 40-60cm, stairs W: 1m, textílie 6m, on stock More

The comfortable set-up offers a mobile 6x4m stage package on wheels. It is very easy for two people to transport such a stage to the event, then simply assemble the 200x100cm boards in the height of the stage 60cm, with the possibility of balancing the terrain with built-in leveling screws with terrain correction +/-3cm. You then fix the front aluminium rails with Velcro to the stage, on which you then fix the 60cm high cover fabric. From the side you then fix 1-2 steps (with a height overlap of 20cm) using the clamps provided, so that you have two steps (20cm + 40cm) for a 60cm height. The whole set is on 4 detachable wheels with brakes, so you can easily detach them when folding and reattach them after the event. The brakes ensure minimal movement when transported in the car. 

The set includes:

12x 111010 nivtec platform 200x100cm

20x 202031 levelling leg 60cm +/-3cm

2x 111060 nivtec platform for stairs 100x50cm,

4x 202011 levelling leg 20cm +/-3cm

2x 202021 levelling leg 40cm +/-3cm

1x 402010 N-F coupling for connection to the plate groove

2x 401100 coupling 110mm, for connecting the steps to the stage legs

3x 409020 2m rail with overlap

1x 502030 textile 6m/60cm + Velcro tape 6m (to be glued to 409020 ALU rails)

1x 803020T set of wheels

2x X0000 retractable belt for firmly connecting the boards for transport

Stock: HDT SK, Bratislava

payment 100% with order

Height 60cm
Height of stage 60cm
Quantity of saf. rail No railings
type of connecting push on